An ultrasound in your pocket.

EagleView Pocket-Size Wireless Ultrasound Probe

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*Rx only, for use by qualified, trained or licensed healthcare practitioners.


EagleView Wireless Portable Doppler Ultrasound


*Rx only, for use by qualified, trained or licensed healthcare practitioners.

Get fast ultrasound images on your phone.

EagleView™ wireless ultrasound probe makes your practice fully wireless and easy to disinfect in a short time. The features such as wireless charging and operation are friendly to clean in ICU. With built-in wifi inside the probe, it only takes a few seconds to connect to your mobile device.

EagleView pocket-size ultrasound allows health professionals to view clinical images on iPad, iPhone and Android phone.

Dual-probe designed for whole-body imaging.  

The dual-probe design provides freedom to switch from deep scans to shallow ones by just a flip. Three types of transducers are included in one small unit: linear, curved and phased array ultrasound probe. No longer wasting time on switching probes. 

Three types of transducers are included in this EagleView pocket ultrasound system: linear, convex and phased array ultrasound probe.

The Most Portable Doppler Ultrasound


EagleView pocket ultrasound only weighs about 140g (0.3lbs). It contains all the application settings to scan a whole body. Due to its small size, you can put it in your pocket during emergent shifts and transit to every floor room effortlessly. Designed for high-remote and rapid diagnosis.

EagleView portable doppler ultrasound only weighs about 0.3lbs.

The Most Portable Doppler Ultrasound


With only about 140g (0.3lbs), it contains all the application settings to scan a whole body. Put it in your pocket and bring it to the bedside of every patient. Designed for high-remote and rapid diagnosis. 

EagleView Dual-Head Handheld Ultrasound is only a hand size.

One scanner, fulfill 16 specialties

Up to 305mm scanning depth, adjustable frequency levels, designed for comprehensive ultrasound exams.


  • Vascular
  • MSK
  • Pediatrics
  • Breast
  • Carotid
  • Thyroid
  • Small Parts
  • Nerve
  • Vessel Flow


  • Abdomen
  • Cardiac
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetric
  • Urology
  • Kidney
  • Lung

Clear view makes fast treatment decisions.

Rapidly identify body anatomy on smartphones. 

Cardiac imaging by EagleView pocket size wireless ultrasound,

Pocket-size POCUS with Powerful capability

16 body presets to choose on EagleView portable doppler ultrasound, from Vascular to Cardiac.

3 arrays, 4 imaging modes, 16 presets.

  • Up to 305mm of depth to adjust 
  • 4 levels of frequency to switch: 3.2MHz/5.0MHz/7.5MHz/10.0MHz
  • Built-in SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging) that improves the image quality of B-mode scanning by reducing the reverberation artifacts. 
  • Flexible focus positions, TGC, and gain to fit the best of image quality. 

Capture, recall and save every abnormality on your mobile.

Pause anytime during your scanning process to  detect unusual events. Capture clinical images, video clips and get precise measurements on screen directly. 

EagleView freeze function explanation: pause the moment during your scanning and save the file with one tap.

Pulsed Wave Doppler Adopted

Get measured velocity point to point on your screen with our built-in Pulsed Wave Doppler. Enables objective and quantitative blood flow assessment, helping clinicians assess fluid status in critically-ill patients. Make  real-time blood velocity measurement in a precise location become possible.

EagleView wireless ultrasound probe enables physicians to share patient case studies with text messages and emails.

Share studies with your collegues at anytime.

Add notes, send texts or email with studies to your colleagues or to patients so they can know their conditions better. 

Choose the one fits your needs the most.

Dual-Head Ultrasound
Pocket Ultrasound
SizeSlightly larger than an iPhone 11
 Much smaller than an iPhone11 

PriceHigher, $3,000+ Lower, $2,000+ 
B, B/M, Color Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Power DopplerB, B/M, Color Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler
Battery Life3-5 Hours of continuous scan2 Hours of continuous scan
ProbesLinear+Curved+Phased ArrayLinear+Curved+Phased Array


Ultrasound probe for iPad, iPhone and Android phone.

check ultrasound images on any Smartphone or tablet


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
上軒 Shang-Hsuan 彭 Peng
Fast delivery and qualified product

as the title; I have no complaint.

Mathieu gomez
Informe médico

Al momento de sacar las imágenes, el equipo genera un reporte ? Se puede hacer inmediato? Las imagenes se dejan exportar todas al tiempo?

Hola Mathieu,

Hay dos formas de exportar una imagen. Uno puede compartirlo con sus colegas a través de mensajes de texto, correos electrónicos y airdrop (ios). El otro, con la opción de exportar directamente a tu dispositivo. Tal proceso solo toma unos segundos.


Leo Huang
An affordable and helpful tool for point of care in small clinics.

I'm a doctor from Singapore. I've been using this pocket ultrasound for a month. Though I'm concerned about what they are saying "Cardiac imaging might not be ideal". I still did some scans on my patients' hearts. View them below. I think these images came out more than expected, they may not perform ideally compare to traditional US machines. However, due to the low price point and high portability, I guess I have nothing to blame.

Jacob R

I heard about EagleView from one of my colleagues at ER. I saw this new mini-size ultrasound on their website. After receiving it, I soon got a chance to test one of my patients for an OB ultrasound. The device is truly light, the process lasts for a while and there was no discomfort on my wrist. App settings are direct. Fetus was detected and seen clearly (see attached). Most importantly, my patient gets to see their baby on my iPad, closely. I'm still exploring some advanced functions on the app. If you're looking for a portable ultrasound at this price point (3k), I guess this pocket ultrasound is totally worth it.