full-body diagnostic imaging

EagleView™ Wireless Portable Doppler Ultrasound

  • FDA  Approved
  • CE Certificated

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*Rx only, for use by qualified, trained or licensed healthcare professionals.

Full-body diagnostic imaging

EagleView™ Wireless Portable Doppler Ultrasound



*Rx only, for use by qualified, trained or licensed healthcare professionals.

Point-of-Care Imaging in your pocket


With only about 260g (0.6lbs), it contains everything you need to image a full human body. Put it in your pocket and bring it to the bedside of every patient. Designed for remotable and efficient diagnosis.

EagleView Dual-Head Handheld Ultrasound is only a hand size.

completely Wireless For efficient disinfection

EagleView wireless ultrasound probe makes your practices fully wireless and easy to disinfect in a short time. It supports wireless charging. Help to reduce the risk of infection during Pandemic. This handheld ultrasound scanner with a built-in wifi signal is able to connect to both iPhones and Android phones.

EagleView Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound allows you to view medical sonography on hand.

What professionals are saying

Dr. Mustafa Taha from Yemen 

"Through my personal experience of wireless dual head ultrasound that EagleView developed, results were very good and picture quality is good..."

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Alex Alcaide Aldeano, Senior Medical Student at University of Barcelona from Spain

"This device offers very good image quality, settings, and modes for a reasonable price. Advanced imaging settings with several imaging modes (B, M, color doppler, PDI, PWD). Aesthetic, somehow light and not clunky. Long battery duration and fast charging."

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See Clinical Images In Crisp & Clear

Rapidly identify patients' anatomy on your phone. Get fast ultrasound images in HD. 

Small probe with great capablity

15 body presets to choose on EagleView wireless handheld ultrasound, from Vascular to Cardiac.

3 Arrays, 5 Imaging Modes, 15 Presets

  • 8 levels of depth to adjust: 20mm/40mm/60mm/90mm/100mm/
  • 4 levels of frequency to switch: 3.5mhz/5mhz/7.5mhz/10mhz
  • Flexible noise decreasemens and gain values to fit the best of image quality

Pulsed Wave Doppler Adopted

Get measured velocity point to point on your screen with our built-in Pulsed Wave Doppler. 

EagleView Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound allows you to view medical sonography on hand.

Detect Every Small Abnormality on Phone

Pause anytime during your scanning process to  detect unusual events that happen to patients. Capture clinical images, video clips and get detailed measurements in seconds. 

EagleView freeze function explanation: pause the moment during your scanning and save the file with one tap.

Quick Measurements on Screen

Identify abnormalities easily and get length, angle, area and trace measurements right away.

EagleView Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound allows you to view medical sonography on hand.

Save & Share Diagnostic Results with Notes

Enter patient's name, gender and more details on app. Save image or video and download the file with your observation to smartphones or tablets. Share results with other physicians and your patients to help them stay informed.




Learn to adjust the parameters on the app to get the best image quality that fits your needs.


Watch registered diagnostic medical sonographer Naroopa Narine is demonstrating how to utilize EagleView wireless probe in Thyroid measurements. 


Connect to your iOS or Android, or both.

check ultrasound images on Smartphones and tablets

Quick Specs

Convex head: 3.5MHz/5MHz
Linear head: 7.5MHz/10MHz

Full Specs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Eagleview ultrasound

I am impressed in the software suite that is used for this machine. I am a cardiologist and for cardiac imaging many times the images were suboptimal and there were times I could not see anything. We would appreciate some more software optimization for cardiac imaging such as automatic setting adjustments for cardiac imaging.

Alex Alcaide-Aldeano (@mastersofultrasound)
The best image quality-price ratio IMHO

From all the hand-held pocket devices I've tested (you can watch them in my YouTube channel "Masters of Ultrasound"), this device offered the best image quality for the least money spent IMHO. I've reviewed it entirely and apart from aesthetics and portability due to light weight, I would highlight the long battery duration, quite superior over competitors, as well as the variety of imaging modes for a multi-purpose scanner and the lack of a subscription nor membership. I would also like to add the quick boot-up time and the amount of settings that allow to optimize the image manually. Finally, same with all my reviews, I like to be impartial and thus give some downsides as well. In this case the cons are quite relative (they might be for some people and not for others), I would say the lack of a cloud environment to save, read or share the images (it is done entirely on the device used while scanning), plus the color doppler mode having some room for improvement... Will see how they overcome it in the future!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Paolo Pace

Good image quality, an useful help for my everyday practice as a GP with interest in POCUS.

Sebastian Guerra-Zarama

It's really useful. The images have a great resolution.but it would be great if PWI could be used at the same time as color doppler so the vascular diagnosis can be more accurate

Arabori A.
Excelente para bloqueios regionais

Como residente de anestesiologia de um hospital pblico brasileiro com poucos recursos, o ultrassom eagleview pode ser perfeitamente utilizado para realiza??o de bloqueios regionais, com uma resolu??o tima para bloqueios de extremidades.