Case Studies

Read more about EagleView ultrasound in real practices.

This case evaluates the capablity of EagleView during COVID-19, in ICU practices and different health subjects.

- by Wiley, physician specialized in Pulmonogy and Critical Care in Taiwan

These were the images obtained from a 95-year-old man who was admitted to ICU for septic shock and we need to place a central venous catheter for him ... 

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How EagleView Ultrasound is utilized in detecting gallstone in gallbladder? 

- by Dr. Nigel Minihane, member of the Royal College of Physicians

A 68-year-old man presented to his general practitioner with a 24-hour history of constant, centralised abdominal pain in the absence of pyrexia or other symptoms of sepsis ...

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Dr. Diego Scarpetta shared with us some cases of clinical scans by using Eagleview Dual-head ultrasound.

- by Dr. Diego Scarpetta, an internist from Colombia

“It’s an opportunity to promote the use of clinical ultrasound".

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Dr. Mustafa Taha shared multiple medical cases that were done by EagleView probe. 

- by Dr. Mustafa Taha from Yemen

“I provide rapid bedside echo by EagleView, and the result was big mitral valve vegetations with rapid heart rate due to atrial fibrillation".

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How EagleView handheld ultrasound is ultilized in lung scanning operations?

- by Zephyr, Pulmonologist at Taipei Veterans General Hospital

An 86-year-old man was sent to our emergency room for shortness of breath. Chest film revealed cardiomegaly and increased opacity over right hemithorax and blunt bilateral costophrenic angles ...

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How EagleView ultrasound is ultilized in the diagnosis of inguinal lymph node?

- by Naroopa N, Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer From USA

The patient is a 70-year-old woman. The patient is having right leg swelling and pain in the upper leg medial area. Ultrasound scan is performed using the EagleView probe. The deep femoral artery and vein are observed in the sagittal plane clearly ...

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