The Practice of EagleView Dual-Head Ultrasound in Sports Medicine

- by Dott. Alessandro Pernice
Physiotherapist /Osteopath at First Team presso Torino Football Club


The abdominal aorta pulsates in the anterior seat to the spine.

Continuing towards the level of the navel, pushing away the intestinal gas, the aorta splits in two, in the right and left Iliac arteries displayed in two rounded circles instead of one.

The gradual narrowing of the lower aorta, or both of the common iliac arteries, can cause cramping and pain during walking (intermittent claudication) on the buttocks and thighs of both legs. The legs may be cold or look pale, although they are usually of normal appearance. Chronic occlusion can also cause erectile dysfunction.


The combination of claudication and erectile dysfunction is sometimes called Leriche syndrome.